Quarkus - Community

Getting Help


We have a lot of documentation. Be sure to check our getting started page, and all our guides. Also check out our FAQ section and Quarkus Tips Playlist.

Stack Overflow

Ask your questions on Stack Overflow. After the documentation, it’s probably the best place to look for answers. We actively monitor the Quarkus tag.

Live Chat

If you prefer live chat with the developers, we have a Zulip chat where we all hang out.

Mailing List

You can also ask questions on our mailing list. Join the group via email or by visiting the Google Groups page.


An Open Project

Quarkus is an Open Source project licensed under the Apache License version 2.0. First and foremost, it is an open community where contributions, ideas and discussions are done in the open and contributors are welcome. Let’s join forces in building the future of Java applications.


Read about the community plans for the future. Here is our current roadmap. This is driven by the community, come and tell us what your needs are.

Code and Issue Tracker

The source code is hosted on GitHub. If you need to report a bug or request a new feature, look for a similar one on our GitHub issue tracker. If you don’t find any, create a new issue.

Write QuickStart Guides

There are always new users trying to get started quickly. Share your experience with everyone by writing a Quickstart and submitting it for peer review.

Write New Extensions

If you are an extension developer or want to contribute to Quarkus development, join our mailing list either emailing us or by visiting our Google Groups page. Make sure you visit our extensive Writing extensions guide.

Draw a picture

A picture really can be worth 1,000 words. If you’re a designer or an artist and want to help us turn some of our ideas into illustrations please make something awesome and show us what you can do.

Follow Quarkus on Twitter

Most of our updates go out on Twitter. Sometimes our project team speaks at industry events, and sometimes they post cool ways people use Quarkus. Wash, rinse, and retweet.

Q Tips

The Quarkus community publishes thoughtful how-to videos to help you get started. Check them out on YouTube.

Spread the word

The simplest and easiest way to help the Quarkus community is to act as a project ambassador, follow us on Twitter, and show up to community events.


There are heaps of helpful articles and blog posts out there presenting interesting use-cases and examples of Quarkus in action.

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